Friday, 7 June 2013

(Sneakily) Capturing Real Life

After doing my invoices yesterday I went to the supermarket to do a decent shop (after being off sick for 3 days). I then planned to get in some quality scrapping time on a DT page before taking Sam to rugby training.

I pulled into the garage and immediately had a call from my husband Shaun (he runs a childcare) asking if I was busy, as Azaria had put a bead up her nose! I hurriedly put the frozens in the freezer, the cold items in the fridge, dumped the rest on the kitchen floor and rushed back into town. 

A miserable little girl was waiting to be taken to the doctor. As I was sitting in the waiting room I thought to myself, I must get a wee sneaky photo so I can scrap the memory for her!  Is that madness?! I don't do Project Life (did half of 2012 but couldn't keep up), but I do want to scrap more than just milestones.

Anyway, when no one was looking I snapped this one on my iPhone:

Turns out that it was a button from her new top, and it came out easily with no pain or drama. As soon as it was out she was a different girl, immediately asking the nurse "what are those lollipops for?" ;)

Here's a photo of her about 15 minutes later, and it's blurry because she's sooo much happier and wouldn't keep still.

The more I scrapbook the more I want to record not only the good memories and milestones,  but also the realities of everyday life. No doubt I'll have these photos scrapped on a page soon, with an array of buttons as embellishments!!!

Love Melissa x

P.S. I'm working on a soon to be revealed LO, very exciting . . . watch this blog!

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