Monday, 1 July 2013

Azaria's Page!!!

This weekend, in the midst of Azaria's birthday, church and the official closing of Winterfestival, I spent some time at a local scrap camp, organised by my lovely friend Lara.  I was able to make three layouts - I've resigned to the fact that my pages take a loooooong time to come together!

As Azaria's birthday was on the Saturday, I had brought with me a little crafting kit that she had seen at the Warehouse (and kept asking for), and a little bag of lollies.  On Saturday morning Nik kindly set up a table next to mine, and I took Azaria for a "surprise" trip to the camp.  She had no idea at all where we were going, and was quite shy and overwhelmed when we arrived.  She was very happy to open her present, and with the help of Kim, made this page:

So cute!! I love that she loves scrapping too!

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