Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Life (Hip Kit Club)

Hello, I'm very excited to announce that I've killed my September Hip Kit, and am now working my way through my October kit.  I'm very excited to report that I've learnt how to use my new sewing machine, so I was able to complete a couple of layouts today yay! 

This layout is Brielle's birth (C Section) captured by our anaesthetist (who just happened to be a photographer).  The photos are very full on and detailed, so I sewed a pocket to contain them.  I labelled them 1-10 in order, and then put the photo of the three of us as number 11 on the front of the pocket.  I love that I'm able to include them in her album, without full view.

I kept this layout very simple, with no mixed media so I could focus on the main photo and that gorgeous floral paper.  Sooo happy to be sewing on paper again!

The Special Delivery die cut is from last months Hip Kit, and I'm so glad I kept it for this page!

Thanks for looking!


  1. ahhhh that is soooo cool and love how you added the pockets for the rest of the photos, how amazing they were a photographer too!!! love the colors!!!

  2. Beautiful layout Melissa! Love how you stitched the pocket on your page!!