Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Resurecting my Blog!!

Hello Hello!! Yes I'm actually here sharing something!!

Now that it's a New Year, and my 4th and final baby is 1 year old I thought it was time I paid my poor neglected blog some attention.  It seems that Instagram and YouTube have taken over the social media world, and with things in my world being so busy juggling kids and my business, my blog really didn't get much attention last year.  In retrospect, I did try, but all my promises to be back were never kept.  In all honesty, last year was incredibly difficult, 4 children is a lot, and I went through some very difficult circumstances.  I'm so happy to be back now, and I feel stronger than ever for having gone through what I endured.

I recently killed my July 2017 (yes I'm that far behind) Hip Kit, and so here are the layouts that I made:

I actually thought I'd find this kit difficult to use, so I was happily surprised when I ended up loving it!

I'll be back again really, soon, promise xxx

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