Saturday, 11 May 2013

Girly shopping & Ninja Camp

On Wednesday Azaria and I went to JK Kids and she a treat of some new clothes for Winter.  She's grown so much, and is definitely the one out of the four of us that needed new clothes!  I couldn't believe that she picked pink skinny jeans (she loves skirts and dresses), but who could pass up the hearts!

Once we were home, Azaria was keen to set up a tent inside using the clothes rack, blankets and my pink and gold table cloth.  She got her pillow, blanket and "friends" and was well set up.

Sam had rugby training after school, and once we were home he of course wanted his own tent, and the game of Mums and Dads with dolls and toys quickly changed into Ninja training camp, with the addition of Nerf Guns and the trampoline!  Azaria was just happy to play along.

Two Peas in a Bucket always have great challenges that stretch my creativity, and National Scrapbooking Day was no exception.  I made the following for Challenge 7: Be Inspired by a Garden Girl.  I was inspired by Celine Navaro, who is an amazing mixed media artist.

It is about Sam's discovery of Minecraft.  I love that he really wanted me to scrapbook about him, and I asked for a list of things in the game, which I doodled down the side.  I used Gesso and mixed white acrylic paint with blue mist.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow x


  1. What a wonderful and happy layout! I love the painting! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! I see you've just started your blog this May too :)